Vappro VBCI 830-VCI Mineral Stone Paper.


Comprising mainly of calcium carbonate, silica powder,
and proprietary Vappro VCI corrosion inhibitors, Vappro
830 VBCI Mineral Stone Paper protects both ferrous
and non-ferrous metals against corrosion. Unlike pulp-
based VCI paper, Vappro 830 VBCI Mineral Stone Paper
is UV resistant and anti-static, effectively inhibiting the
onset of corrosion.
Vappro VBCI 830 eliminates package contamination
found in conventional VCI/VPI papers by doing away
with complex application systems in favour of a simple,
two-step process:
(1) Wrap metallic parts in the paper, folding edges
together; and
(2) Use adhesive tape as needed to hold paper folds in


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