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Temperature Detection and Facial Recognition Device

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A Solution for NON-CONTACT temperature measurement with face recognition   

Our Temperature Detection and Facial Recognition Device

Using AI Technology and Infrared Thermal imaging, the smart and compact device enables fast and accurate detection with high-reliability.

Automatically read body temperature in seconds, achieving the rapid movement of human traffic and better control of personal entry, maximizing the efficiency of epidemic prevention.

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Product Advantages

* Contactless detection and temperature measurement that reduces the risk of cross infection.
* Automatic all-in-one facial temperature measuring, Mask Detection and Face Recognition.
* Save time and increase traffic efficiency. Surpasses the traditional temperature measuring gun needed to be held up by a person.
* Automatically record abnormal body temperature and control accessibility.
*  By facial scanning, it can automatically record personal information and check the records of relevant people going in and out.
* Adopt deep learning algorithm, support 20,000 people. Recognition speed of less than 1 second/person.
* Suitable for complex light environment to achieve face recognition.
* Support staff attendance management, flexible shift arrangement.
* Easy to upgrade and maintenance.

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