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Temperature Detection and Face Recognition Device

Germany Technology 


A Solution for NON-CONTACT temperature measurement with face recognition   

A contactless facial recognition,  temperature measurement and mask detection device/ Kiosk.

Using AI Technology and Infrared Thermal imaging, the smart and compact device enable fast and accurate detection with high-reliability.

Automatically read body temperature in seconds to achieve the rapid movement of human traffic and a better control of entry of personnel,maximizing the efficiency of epidemic prevention.

temperature face detector
Temperature scanner

Product Advantages

* Contactless detection and temperature measurement that reduce the risk of cross infection
* Automatic all-in -one Face temperature measuring, Mask Detection and Face Recognition
* Save time and increase traffic efficiency. Surpass the traditional temperature measuring gun needed to be held by a person
* Automatically record abnormal body temperature and control the accessibility
*  By facial scanning, it can automatically record personal information and check the records of relevant people going in and out.
* Adopt deep learning algorithm, support 20,000 people. Recognition speed of less than 1 second/person
* Suitable for complex light environment to achieve face recognition
* Support staff attendance management, flexible shift arrangement
* Easy to upgrade and maintenance

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Temperature scanner
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