Stretch film

AB Pac(S) Pte Ltd provides a range of stretch film solutions designed to protect and secure packaged goods during transit. Our film is a cost-effective and versatile packaging material that is used to wrap products and pallets to provide additional protection.

Our films are made from high-quality materials that ensure they are durable and can withstand different environmental conditions. They are available in various thicknesses, widths, and colors.

In addition to the standard film options, we also offer specialized films such as VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) films that are designed to protect metal products from corrosion during transportation and storage.

AB Pac offers a variety of film options, including machine and hand roll, making it possible to cater to different packaging needs. They also provide film accessories such as dispensers, making the application of the stretch film easy and efficient.

AB Pac’s solutions are an essential component for your business by providing a reliable and cost-effective way of protecting and securing packaged goods during transportation.

Stretch Film- Hand Roll
Top grade hand roll for the light user or where machine wrapping application is not possible.

Stretch Film- Machine Roll
Export grade, suitable for use in high-speed wrapping machine of pre-stretch from 150% to 250% or more.

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Thumbnails Products Dimension Packing Quote Request
23um x 500mm x 245m (3kg)
6 roll/box
20um x 100mm x 150m(L)
40 roll/ box
23um x 500mm x 3kg
6 roll/box
23 micro Stretch Film
23um x 500mm x 15kg
1 roll/box
23 micro Stretch Film
30um x 500mm x 15kg
1 roll/box
23um x 500mm x 245m

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