Dunnage Bags I Jumbo Bag

AB Pac (S) Pte Ltd is a packaging manufacturer specializes in complete packaging solutions that help customers reduce their total costs while minimizing environmental impact.

Dunnage Bags
For container loading: to protect cargo from damage through shifting during transportation: Kraft paper or plastic; 3 plies multi layer structure of Kraft paper, woven, pp or high strength plastic bag. Reusable and recyclable; fast inflation process.

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Thumbnails Products Dimension Packing Quote Request
1 pcs/ box
1 psc/ box
1 pcs/ box
900mm (O) x 1200mm
60pcs / Box
1000mm x 1800mm
50pcs / box
1000mm x 2200mm
40pcs / box
1100mm (O) x 1100mm (H)

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