VCI Paper & Pouches

VCI Cohesive Paper
VAPPRO 829 VCI ENVIRO-WRAP is cold seal cohesive VCI paper engineered for multi-metal
corrosion protection. The ingenuity of its packaging concept and design helps consumer cut
back significant packaging scrap ratio and eliminates the need for packing tapes Thus, it reduces
packaging cost and increases productivity at the same time as the packing process is reduce
to one simple step.
VAPPRO 829 VCI ENVIRO-WRAP is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic.
VAPPRO 829 VCI ENVIRO-WRAP is simple and easy to use. Simply place your clean product on
a piece of VAPPRO 829 VCI ENVIRO-WRAP; fold edges of paper together and apply a little
pressure with your finger to seal the package for superior corrosion protection of metal parts.
There are no oil or grease needed, simply place parts on paper, fold over and seal.

VCI Breathable Pouch
Vappro VCI-820-Pak Breathable pouches are made from Du-Pont’s Tyvek? breathable materials. Vappro VCI-820-Pak pouch is able to meet the most demanding packaging applications including electronics anti-corrosion protective packaging, military anti-corrosion packaging and controlled atmosphere packaging. Designed for multi-metal protection.

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