VCI Emitter & Foam

VCI Emitters
Vappro VCI Emitters are designed to emit VCI gas to form an invisible layer of protection on metal surfaces to prevent any electrical or electronic parts within an enclosure from corrosion for at least two years.

Vappro VCI Foam Pad
Vappro V.C.I. Foam-Pad is a unique packaging product that combines the cushioning, resiliency and lightweight characteristics of polyethylene foam sheet together with the proven, built in, active and long term corrosion protection provided by Vappro inhibitors.

Vappro VCI Foam Tape
Vappro VCI Foam Tape is black polyurethane foam impregnated with vapour corrosion inhibitor. It is designed for protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals against corrosion in long and narrow enclosures.

Vappro comes with a 3M self-adhesive backing and provides up to 2 years of continuous protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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