Carton Box & PP Corrugated Sheets

AB Pac offers a wide range of carton box solutions for businesses of different industries, such as food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce. Their carton boxes are available in various sizes, strengths, and shapes to accommodate different packaging needs, such as regular slotted containers (RSC), half-slotted containers (HSC), and full-overlap slotted containers (FOL). They also provide custom box design and fabrication services to meet specific business requirements.

AB Pac’s carton boxes are made from high-quality materials, including corrugated cardboard, which provides superior durability and protection against damage during transit. They are also lightweight, eco-friendly, and can be recycled, making them a sustainable packaging solution.

To enhance the packaging presentation and promote brand recognition, AB Pac offers custom printing on their carton boxes. This includes printing company logos, text, and other branding elements, which can help to increase brand visibility and customer engagement.

Overall, AB Pac’s carton box solutions are a reliable and cost-effective way for businesses to package and transport their products. They offer a range of sizes, strengths, and shapes, and can be customized with printing to enhance the packaging presentation and promote brand recognition. AB Pac’s carton boxes are made from high-quality materials and are eco-friendly, providing businesses with a sustainable packaging solution.

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