VCI Bag 05 – 17”Wx24″L

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VCI Bags

DESCRIPTION- 17”W x 24”L x 60 micron

Vappro 826 is a significant breakthrough in protective packaging technology. It offers a new concept in product protection without the need for rust preventative coatings.
Vappro 826 offers protection for aluminium alloys and copper while providing excellent protection for ferrous metals, steel, and stainless steel. Vappro 826 does not change critical electrical or mechanical properties of electronic or electrical components.


  • Heat seal-able with standard equipment. However, bags or sheets can be tied, folded, taped or stapled for protection equivalent to a heat seal-able enclosure.
  • Does not have to be in contact with metal to protect, the vapours travel to all portions of the enclosure.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and messy greasing procedures.
  • The film is transparent. Your product is visible at all times.
  • Has no coating of chemicals to flake off, stick to or otherwise damage or soil products.
  • Protects when used in conjunction with acid bearing packaging materials, e.g. corrugated board, chipboard, wood, etc.
  • Rough handling does not impair chemical effectiveness.
  • Inhibitors will not affect any electrical or mechanical properties of a packaged item.
  • May be used with neutral or light rust preventative oils.
  • No special handling is required.
  • Available from stock in popular bag, sheeting and tubing sizes.
  • Has a long life.
  • Can be supplied in special sizes and forms to meet specific needs.

Vappro 826 protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals by placing the metal in a bag or by wrapping the metal with sheeting and then condenses on all metal surfaces, reaching every part of the metal surface, including recessed areas.

Shelf Life : 36 months from date of manufacture
Protection Duration : 24 months


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