Foldable Wire Mesh Cage w/wo wheel

Model : AB -FWM-091012

Foldable Wire Mesh Cage (No Wheel) 

Size  (a)         890mm  (Overall Height)

Size  (b)         150mm  (Floor to Deck)

Size  (c)         1200mm (Overall Depth)

Size  (d)         1000mm (Overall Width)

Thickness     5.8mm (Overall Width)

Materials      Steel Bar

Treatment    Post Galvanized

Max Stack     4 stack of 1000kgs (Including bottom)

Capacity        1500 kgs 

Optional- Wheel Load   Max 800 kgs / 4 Wheel  (increase height to 950mm)

Foldable Wire Mesh Cage

Additional information

Weight 527143544 kg


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