Cold chain insulated box and Liner

Food Thermal/cooler box & Liner
Its high impact single piece double-walled Polyethylene outer-shell with high density PU insulation protects your produce during holding, handling and transportation. With grip ends for hoist sling and grapple. May be nested for easy handling and transportation.

• Fisheries
• Farming
• Agriculture
• Aquaculture
• Food-processing industries

1, convenient operation
Stackable, easy to use high-volume turnover
Configure built-in box at both ends of the handle, you can hold one move, to facilitate distribution of goods terminal
2, strong logistics operation for collision-resistant
Inside and outside layer is made of injection molding process, from the processing technology to ensure the strength of box
Inner and outer layers of imported plastic materials out of the box from the material strength to ensure
The structural strength of professional design, from design to ensure that the overall strength of the cabinet
3, easy to clean, non-toxic ,food grade
The whole forming process production, the gap without filth
Imported food grade polymer plastic materials out of the antimicrobial
4, good insulation properties
With EPS / PU insulation materials insulation, effective way to eliminate heat transfer
Labyrinth design professional to ensure that the sealing box, effectively prevent outside air convection cooling
Weak absorptive capacity of the inner radiation with strong white plastic material, the effective low heat (cold) radiation loss

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