Polyester Strapping (PET) & Composite strap

AB Pac (S) Pte Ltd is a packaging manufacturer specializes in complete packaging solutions that help customers reduce their total costs while minimizing environmental impact.

Packing and transportation can affect your goods in various ways. Vibrations, temperature differences, and sunshine may have a an impact on pallet strapping material and cause packaging to become unbalanced .We proposal you all of our standard PET straps and Polyester Cord strap in widths from 12 to 32 mm. We help you find the best solution for your intended usage. We also provide custom-tailored solutions beyond the regular standards.

Composite Strap

Composite Strap is a textiles strapping parallel polyester – fibres that are coated with plastic.  It is relatively stiff and therefore easier and faster under the pallets without an extra palletizing needle is use.

A extra edge protection is not required when the composite Strap often, as the stable plastic wrapping already protects the polyester threads. It is often used in the building material transportation as well as pallets used for medium to heavy cargo.

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