Customize Packaging  that you need for yours  warehouse, production, operation , branding and Ecommerce businesses.


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Customize Packaging Consumables

We are able to customize most type of packaging consumables for your warehouse, logistic and production needs. e.g. Printed Strap, Printed  Tapes , Printed bags &  customize bubble bags.



Customize of Packaging Foam

AB Pac offers customize foam packaging using router cutting and die cutting processes for strictness and accuracy for your product. Our specialists are able to offer custom design for your product packaging and branding along the way. We carry a wide range of foam to your need e.g. PE Foam, PU Foam, Rebond Foam, EVA Foam, Reticulated Foam, and Polyether Foam and cross-link PE Foam to suit all your need. As a manufacturer of foam, carton and label our goal is to offer single source packaging solutions for your industries,

Customize Cold Chain Solution

AB Pac provides cold chain solution by maintaining precise temperature bands that store and transport pharmaceutical and perishable food products. We are able to customize the internal thermal liners or bags to suit your existing tote box for recycling. We can even reduce the freezing time for your Gel plate for recycle. If you have a project or problem pls contact our specialised we will try our best to solve your cold chain problem.

Corrosion Prevention VCI Products

The Magna International Group of Companies developed the most advanced and environmentally safe VCI technology known.

We call it “VAPPRO”. VAPPRO stands for Vapour-Phase-Protection, which is the foremost state-of-the-art technology in Corrosion Prevention available today.

Customize Printed Label

Our comprehensive customised label offering meets the diverse requirements of our clients across industries. With hundreds of label sizes in different materials, we’ve got what you’re looking for. And since we print our own products, they’ll go straight from our printing facilities to your location delivered in less than three business days in most cases.

Customize Mailer & Envelopes

Our Printed Poly Mailers & Printed Kraft bubble mailer offering meets the diverse requirements of our clients across industries. Our Mailers are shipping bags which are waterproof, tear proof, self-sealing, and tamper resistant and also very affordable. And since we print our own Kraft bubble they’ll go straight from our printing facilities to your home or office — delivered in less than a week business days in most cases. We do take in small Quantity Job to help create brand identity for your small e-commerce business look professional.

Customize Printed Carton & Boxes

As a manufacturer of carton, foam and label we are able to provide single source packaging solutions for your industries. Customize Printed Carton & Boxes to suit your branding for your products.

Customize Crates & Pallet

Consultancy, Design and Supply of Customize Solution for Damage Prevention for your product. Customize Crate specifically to suit your need for e.g crating of expensive painting or highly sensitive equipment crate equipped with weight capacity pallet cushions or shock mount to minimise damages to equipment from shock or rough handling during transit.

Tools & Equipments

AB Pac can cater to all kinds of industries as long as you have a need to pack. Our Packaging tools and Packaging Equipment range from simple operations to custom-made machine that caters to your production and operation requirement.




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