AB Pac (S ) Pte Ltd offers a one stop "All-in-the-Box" solution Centre, including consultation on products protection, damage prevention, products handling, storage, and transportation. Our capabilities include, designing to your specific requirement, sourcing of components and final customization of the complete finished product and providing the manpower services to pack your product. We ensure that your product reach its final destination in its original and perfect condition.

Crates Building Materials

Damage Prevention Indicators


Pallet ( Plastic new & Re-used , wooden & Compress wood )

PE , PU , EVA & Rebond Foam

Vibration & Shock Mount


Penn- ELCOM Crating Products, USA

Atlanta  Stretch, ITALY

Packaging Technology, USA

IOG Product, LLC, USA

Datamax-O-Neil, USA

McDonald Company Machines, USA


177974 hits

Air bags 900 x 1800mm

KP Direct Heat Sealer (Aluminium Foil only )

Mailer Bag with bubble (click to see ex-stock sizes)

Pallet cushioning Crate

PP Corrugated Board

Ziplock Bag

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